Regional Angels celebrates female entrepreneurship at Regional PitchFest


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Regional Angels Celebrates Female Entrepreneurship at Regional PitchFest

To celebrate International Women’s Day; Regional Angels is proud to announce that three exceptional female founders will be pitching at the upcoming Regional PitchFest at KPMG Geelong. 

The event, hosted by the Regional Angel Investor Network (RAIN), serves as a platform to showcase innovative startups and connect entrepreneurs with angel investors across Australia.

Access to capital remains a significant challenge for women-led businesses, as highlighted by recent research from the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman’s office. 

However, we’re not fully leveraging our women entrepreneurs: only 22% of Australian start-ups are founded by women. Despite this, female entrepreneurs continue to make strides in the startup ecosystem, driving economic growth and innovation.

Among the founders pitching at Regional PitchFest are Christine Nguyen, co-founder of ReciMe; Angela Harbinson, founder of The Separation Guide; and Nikki Tugano, founder of SeenCulture. These inspiring women are revolutionising their respective industries and demonstrating the power of female entrepreneurship.

Christine Nguyen, who will be pitching ReciMe alongside co-founder Will Kent, brings a wealth of experience from her previous role as a management consultant at BCG. ReciMe aims to revolutionise the recipe industry by providing personalised meal plans and smart grocery lists to home cooks around the world.

Angela Harbinson, founder of The Separation Guide, launched her startup with the mission of simplifying the divorce process and making it more affordable for individuals and families. Since its establishment in 2019, The Separation Guide has become a reliable companion for those navigating separation and divorce. With its innovative platform and user-friendly approach, The Separation Guide has empowered numerous individuals to navigate this challenging period of their lives with confidence and ease.

Nikki Tugano, founder of SeenCulture, is on a mission to level the playing field for underrepresented individuals in the workplace. SeenCulture’s decision intelligence platform empowers business leaders to make faster, smarter, and fairer decisions, ultimately driving diversity, equity, and inclusion within organisations.

Regional PitchFest, held at KPMG Geelong on 26th February, will feature an industry meetup, workshops for angels and founders, and a pitch session where the three entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative ideas to angel investors. The event aims to foster innovation, facilitate meaningful connections, and drive investment in regional startups.

‘With International Women’s Day approaching on 8th March, Regional PitchFest aligns with our goal to support women-led startups through access to capital, counsel and connections,’ said Sam Almaliki, Founder & Facilitator of Regional Angels. 

‘We are excited to celebrate the achievements of these talented female founders and provide them with the opportunity to connect with angel investors and support them on their entrepreneurial journey.’

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness groundbreaking innovations and connect with leaders in the startup ecosystem. 

Secure your spot today by registering for Regional PitchFest:

For further information, or to arrange an interview with RAIN founder, Sam Almaliki, please contact:

Will Richards | Head of Investment and Growth | [email protected] 

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