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Unlock exclusive investment opportunities for Australia’s most promising regional startups with a complimentary RAIN membership until September 30, 2024.

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As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to a diverse range of promising startups across Australia. Take advantage of networking opportunities with high-net-worth individuals and position yourself for strategic investments. With a Complimentary RAIN Membership until September 30, 2024, this is your chance to join a community shaping the future of regional innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Membership Benefits

Networking opportunities with co-members

Being a member of the Regional Angels gives you access to an extraordinary community of established executives, experienced investors, and innovative industry leaders. 

A vetted pipeline of investment opportunities

RAIN concentrates on securing access to a flow of meticulously screened startups. The RAIN team is committed to understanding the interests of our members.

Angel investment unhindered by fees

RAIN doesn’t charge any fees or carry costs during the investment process, ensuring members retain all potential profits from their invested capital.

Attend our monthly
pitch events

RAIN members are welcomed to our monthly pitch events. Accessible either in person or remotely, these events facilitate direct interaction with dynamic entrepreneurs and firsthand insight into their startups.

Consistent timetable of events and workshops

RAIN serves not just as an investment collective, but also as an educational hub. We provide a consistent timetable of events, workshops, and seminars that cover a wide range of investment-centric subjects. 

Regional Angel
Investor Summit

Membership with RAIN gives you exclusive access and free tickets to the annual Regional Angel Investor Summit.