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We’re actively seeking strategic partnerships with local, state, and national organisations across a variety of industries. Together, we can unlock the entrepreneurial potential of our regions and drive innovation, job creation, and wealth building. Let’s work together to support and grow the next generation of successful businesses.



RAIN is seeking government partners at the local, state and federal level to support and connect our startups with resources and programs that can drive innovation and job creation.


Universities and Educational Providers

We are exploring collaborations with universities and educational providers to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs through access to cutting-edge research and talent development.



We’re looking for media partners to help increase the visibility and awareness of the startups and small businesses in our community, and to showcase their innovations and impact to a wider audience.


Startup Incubators

RAIN is seeking startup incubator partners to provide mentorship, resources and connections to help startups grow and succeed.


Industry Groups

We’re always on the lookout for industry groups in specific sectors to connect startups with potential customers, mentors and industry experts.

Our Partners

We are committed to building and fostering a community that has a shared vision.

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Are you interested in becoming a partner and supporting the growth of regional startups? We offer a variety of partnership opportunities to align with your organisation’s goals and objectives.

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