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Become an industry ambassador

Join our community of passionate industry leaders and become an Industry ambassador in your sector. Make a difference in the startup ecosystem and be a conduit between the Regional Angel Investor Network Program and your industry community. Together, we can empower aspiring entrepreneurs, drive innovation, and foster economic growth.


Engage and energise

As an industry ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to actively engage with your industry’s startup ecosystem. Be at the forefront of exciting entrepreneurial initiatives, connect with highly talented and innovative minds, and contribute to the remarkable growth and resounding success of startups in your sector, fostering an environment of collaboration, innovation, and prosperity.


Exclusive benefits

Enjoy complimentary membership to RAIN and all our chapters, providing access to a network of like-minded angel investors, industry experts, and startups. Additionally, you’ll receive one complimentary ticket to the highly anticipated Regional Angel Investor Summit (RAIS), where you’ll gain insights from industry leaders and expand your knowledge in angel investing.



Showcase your involvement

Your dedication and impact as an industry ambassador will be showcased on our website and  digital channels. Highlight your achievements, share your experiences, and inspire others to join the movement. We will also collaborate with our media partner, ACM, to feature you in compelling content pieces that amplify your influence and recognise your invaluable contributions.


Industry ambassador pack

As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive an industry ambassador pack consisting of branded items including a notepad, pen, shirt, and drink bottle. This pack proudly displays your affiliation with RAIN and represents your commitment to supporting the regional startup ecosystem.


Who can apply to be an industry ambassador?

Active members of industry communities are encouraged to apply or be nominated. Industry ambassadors are advocates for entrepreneurship and innovation within their sector. They will have an active interest in business, particularly startups.

What does an industry ambassador do?


Supporting activities

As an industry ambassador, you’ll play a crucial role in supporting Regional Angels activities. This involves actively participating in and assisting with regional pitch events, workshops, and other events organised by Regional Angels. By offering your time, expertise, and resources, you contribute to the success of these activities, fostering a thriving ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs in your sector.


Facilitating connections

The role of an industry ambassador is to facilitate connections within your local community. By leveraging your knowledge of the sector, you actively seek out opportunities to connect entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders. Your efforts help forge meaningful relationships that drive collaboration, innovation, and growth in the local startup ecosystem.


Industry contact

As an industry ambassador, you’ll serve as the primary point of contact for Regional Angels in your sector. You’ll act as a bridge between the organisation, the local startup ecosystem and other stakeholders, providing information, guidance, and support to entrepreneurs, investors, and other individuals interested in engaging with Regional Angels. 

Together, let's enable the startup ecosystem in your industry and drive innovation across sectors.

Become an industry ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming an industry ambassador for Regional Angels! Please complete this form to tell us a little more about yourself. Your responses will help us assess how we can best support your involvement.

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The role is on a volunteer basis effective from July 2023 through to June 2024. An option to extend for another year will be considered. Still have questions? Feel free to contact our team at [email protected] for more information or to discuss any specific queries you may have.