Regional PitchFest

You’re invited to join us at Regional PitchFest
at KPMG Geelong, 26 Feb 2024

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Connecting local innovation and investment

The Regional Angel Investor Network (RAIN) is proud to present the Regional PitchFest – a running roadshow of events that brings together entrepreneurs and angel investors across Australia. The Regional PitchFest serves as a platform to secure funding for promising startups and early-stage ventures. Founders will have the chance to engage with angel investors and our goal is to create an environment where innovation meets investment.



Attend our Industry Meet-Ups

Our Industry Meet-Ups offer a vibrant platform to network with a dynamic mix of industry leaders, innovative startups, investors, and thought leaders across regional Australia.


Join in on a Pitch Session

Whether you’re investing in your first startup or you’re a seasoned investor, join us at our pitch event, showcasing the latest and greatest in regional innovation and investment opportunity. 


Stay for a Workshop

Participate in workshop designer just for you. We facilitate workshop for both Angel Investors and Founders looking to improve their skills when it comes to seed and early-stage business investment and growth.