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RAIN Launches AgTech Angel Investor Network  – Submit your pitch!

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The Regional Angel Investor Network is pleased to announce the launch of our new chapter, the AgTech Angel Investor Network. This new initiative will focus on supporting and investing in agricultural technology (AgTech) startups, driving innovation and growth in the sector. To kickstart this endeavour, we are proud to launch the AgTech Angel Investor Network at the highly anticipated AgSmart Expo on Thursday, 7th September in the picturesque city of Bendigo, Victoria, made possible through our valuable partnership with Australian Community Media (ACM).

The AgTech Angel Investor Network aims to bridge the gap between AgTech startups and angel investors, providing crucial funding, mentorship, and industry connections. This new chapter within RAIN recognises the immense potential of technology in revolutionising agriculture and addressing the challenges faced by the industry.

AgSmart Expo, renowned for showcasing cutting-edge agricultural technologies and practices, serves as the perfect platform to unveil the AgTech Angel Investor Network ‘Pitch to Paddock’ ongoing pitch event series. ‘Pitch to Paddock’, as the marquee event of the newly formed AgTech Angel Investor Network, will take place at industry expos, conferences and field days. It brings together industry entrepreneurs, investors, and experts creating an ideal environment for capital, connections and collaborations that accelerate the commercialisation of our AgTech startups. We are excited to host the first ‘Pitch to Paddock’  at the dynamic AgSmart Expo event and contribute to the advancement of AgTech solutions.

The launch of the AgTech Angel Investor Network, in collaboration with ACM, opens up exceptional opportunities for AgTech startups to gain access to a dedicated network of experienced angel investors, specifically interested in AgTech ventures. Startups will receive invaluable mentorship, industry insights, and access to a vast network of potential partners and customers

The AgTech Angel Investor Network is the result of a collaborative effort between RAIN, industry partners, and the passionate agricultural community. By coming together, we aim to drive innovation and sustainability in agriculture, supporting startups that can make a real difference in the industry.

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